photo 10 Things to do in Shanghai by Simon Lichtenberg - Simon Lichtenberg

10 Things to do in Shanghai by Simon Lichtenberg - Simon Lichtenberg

10 Things to do in Shanghai by Simon Lichtenberg - Simon Lichtenberg

Simon Lichtenberg's Difficulties

All the obstacles faced by simon lichtenberg ( have made him who he is and have ultimately helped him become a success. His path to success has not been easy at times but, by adhering to his business rule "Never give up", he has arrived at his goal. Becoming a strong person is helped by facing difficulties head-on, rather than ignoring them. One major challenge Simon Lichtenberg faced whilst running his business in 1997, was that he found himself caught up in a complicated legal case concerning the illegal production of false 'BoConcept' products.

Simon Lichtenberg - Success in China

Simon Lichtenberg became the Director of Shanghai Minhang Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment, was given the Magnolia Silver Award and became a member of the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. Many entrepreneurs aim to start a organisation in China because the country appears to assure success in whatever undertaking. Creating his own company in China was a dream held by Simon Lichtenberg, so he went ahead and made it happen. All things are attainable, and no dream is beyond reach. All that's required is a powerful desire and determination.

Simon Lichtenberg's Educational Background

Education can create a robust and capable person; because of that, it delivers the platform for successful results. At CEIBS, Tsinghua and Harvard Business School, Simon Lichtenberg completed his EMBA - or Executive MBA (the Senior Executive Program for China) in the year 2006. Upon his return from Danish Tvind academic institutions, Simon Lichtenberg was situated in Africa for a number of his teenage years. When examining top entrepreneurs, it becomes apparent that a good education and a strong character are prerequisites for their success.

Some of the Achievements of Simon Lichtenberg

Just after concluding his schooling, Simon Lichtenberg became active with the timber business. Many unforgettable moments for businessmen considering their past are the ones in which they have made great strides. Simon Lichtenberg launched his own company in 1993 which ultimately progressed into the field of furniture.